In Memory of Jay Pullur

Mind of the Man

A Tribute to Jay Pullur

Memorial Service

August 18, 2021


We are all his successors in some or the other way little or more following his zeal to innovate with technology and giving back to the society. Exceptional minds is what will remain with us forever.

Nirvikar Sri

Jay was always a great pioneer and visionary and my neighbor at work( I sat next to his room during the dekho days) will be missed forever… May his soul rest in peace

Ravi Kiran

His eye for detail, interdisciplinary knowledge, deep understanding of people, clear vision and always ready to share his knowledge is inspiring

Dinudey Baidya

He had done an amazing job by establishing Pramati believing in it and continuing it may his soul rest in peace the song is ended but the melody lingers on

Hiral Parmar

Will always remember Jay for his humble and ever smiling nature - and for championing the cause of India's software product ecosystem! May his soul rest in peace!

Sanjay Khan Nagra

My heart goes out, remembering the visionary. He impacted the industry, individuals, company and others in a positive way we would remember for a long time. Missing you Jay.

Suresh Babu

Jay was passionate and visionary leader.One of the finest person I have worked with.

Dimple Pandya

Jay was a visionary, inspiration to many young minds, motivational speaker

Kayalvizhi NoorulAmeen

Jay truly was an amazing person to work with and work for. He was a visionary leader that taught us so much about being a true professional and a good human being that truly care for his people


Rest in peace dear Jay, your guidance has cherished many young careers. Today I am not with Pramati but this news has extremely saddened me. Where ever you are, I am sure you are watching over your children.

Banani Chakraborthy

Jay a wonderful person with whom we spent some very good time t at Srinagar Colony in Hyderabad..and our trips to Srishailam Mantralaya and other places

Siravara Madhusudan

Pramati left an imprint on my life like no other. Thank you Jay for building a place I learnt to walk in my career. May you be happy wherever you are.


I feel fortunate to be part of Pramati for close to 5 years in the 21 years of its glittering journey. 80% of that those years I could see, work and interact, learn from Jay. It has shaped my career and life. Words won’t describe what I took away interacting with him many times, It will be there with me for the rest of my life. Some of the most important pivots, thoughts and decisions I took were silently inspired his towering but gentle presence. I thank God for giving me an opportunity to work at Pramati. My sincere condolences to Jay’s family. Rest in peace, Jay. Sairam Vedam (2008-12) Pramati.

Sairam Vedam

Unfortunately I have to leave this meeting for a flight I have to catch. It was truly endearing to hear everyone and the video nicely summarised who Jay really was. I have sent a brief note to Karthik and I request him to read it if there is time available. Heartfelt condolences to his family and close friends. May his soul rest in peace

Sanjay Shah

Apart from the mind of the exceptional man in Jay, his heart held everyone he touched with enormous simplicity, care and love. I remember not just technology, markets, etc that we had active debates on over innumerable cups of his tea, he was an equal partner with small children to grandparents alike. So proud of you Jay.

Anita Gupta

For the rest of my life I will cherish moments full of joy and inspiration that I spent in Pramati. Thanks Jay for creating an empire for all of us to be part of and be proud of. Today, We are celebrating your legacy! Om Shanti.


I am very honored to have had a few discussions with Jay via Samvad (a platform at Pramati for the CEO to reach out to all employees). Jay the person might have left us but the inspiration, thoughts and ideas he has kindled in a lot of us will keep making ripples till the end of time.

Srivatsan Parthasarathy

I have had few interactions with Jay during my stint with Pramati. One of his leadership trait I picked up was to trust but want to verify. His quiet and calm demeanor used to rub onto anyone who interacted with him. He used to break complex problems into amazingly simpler solutions. Those memories have left a lasting impression on me.

Praveen Naregal

I was utterly shocked when I heard about the passing away of Jay Pullur. He was a true icon of the software product industry, always became a friend of any start-up founders who was looking for help, a mentor for many start-ups and an endearing colleague of iSpirt - he will certainly be sorely missed. I fondly remember the early days in 2013-14 when a few of us (Jay, Sharad and Sanat) got together to discuss the M&A challenges and opportunities facing the India SaaS product ecosystem. He was always there to brainstorm ideas, his vibrant enthusiasm was infectious to say the least, always available, willing to open up his office for anyone who needed it and always wanting to give more than he got. For me personally, he was not only a colleague within the M&A Connect group but also an personal advisor, friend and mentor. Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace.

Karthik KS

Mr. Jay was a dynamic, strong and hard working person who invested most of his life in this Company. He was very encouraging to all his employees and saw the Company not as a profit making firm but one that support 1000's of families. He played a great role in building the Company that is today. As I got closer to him, I realised he wasn't just any hard working entrepreneur but also a man who had great family values. It was a great opportunity for me to meet such a great man in my life like Mr. Jay and work with him. His death has been a shock to me and many of us. I am and always will be grateful of what I have learnt from him and will try to apply his teachings in all my pursuits.

Dr Syed Kadhar

Jay is the Indian Steve Jobs. I had wonderful memories of our association and stay in the US. A wonderful human being.

Sravan Narasipuram

An evening full of memories, inspiration and celebration of Jay's life. Lots of strength to Nirmala , Ananth and Vijay to carry on the good work. His legacy will carry on