Java 25

POST-CLOUD ERASPRING/AWS TAKE OVER 200820092012Pramati launches Qontext -An Enterprise 2.0 platform2007Pramati adopts SpringSource to Cloud Servicesto launch CloudJEE - a PaaSQontext gets acquired by Autodesk201320182019Pramati acquires WaveMaker fromVMware, merges with CloudJEEPramati launches HyScale,Deployment platform for KubernetesHyScale goes open source, joinsCloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)Pramati acquires WaveMakerfrom VMware, merges withCloudJEE, becomes thefirst Docker Containerbased Low Code PlatformFeatherin the capAWS, Mobile platforms get launched.Enterprise 2.0 emerges2020Java SE 12, 13Java SE10, 11 (LTS)Java SE 14Featherin the capPramati Server is theFirst ApplicationServer to receiveJavaEE StandardsCertificationOpen JDK starts as a major initiative, and almost all of the Java ecosystem is on OpenJDK as against Oracle Sun JDK. Project Nashorn becomes another major initiative during this time, to bring Javascript engine within Java, where developers can run Javascript alongside Java (It is called the Da Vinci Machine).PRE-CLOUD ERAJAVA SE/ JAVA EE BASED1998199920012002200220042006JDK 1.0ReleasedPramati releases ProtonServer and Product Studio,IDE for Java developers1995Java based Spring frameworkreleased, MiddlewareTechnologies flourishWeb 2.0 catches on,Middleware revolution startsMiddleware on the wane,cloud on the risePramati foundedby Jay Pullur and Vijay PullurPramati App Server becomesindustry’s first platform to winJava Standards CertificationPramati App Server winsCPerf for Performance JavaEE 1.2ReleasedJ2SE 1.2J2SE 1.3J2SE 5.0J2SE 1.4Java SE 6J2SE 1.4


We are in the consumer era where user productivity and customer experience drive technology adoption.


Spring & Kotlin have become more popular as they offer the right abstraction for web application and mobile developers on top of Java. Spring Cloud and Spring Boot initiatives are the most talked about in the Java community! Here are a few good pickings for the 2020 Java programmer.

  • Docker & Spring Boot
  • Spring 5 & Kotlin
  • Quarkus & Kubernetes
  • Angular & React
  • Apache Spark & Kafka
  • Microservices & Eclipse Microprofile
  • Social Networking

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