MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, AUGUST 21, 2019 Imaginea Technologies Inc., a leading enterprise innovation services company today announced contribution to Microsoft Adaptive Cards open source project.

As the first non-Microsoft contributors to the Adaptive Cards GitHub repository, the Imaginea engineering team designed and built a card renderer using React Native technology for the cross-platform app development community. Using this, developers can build rich interactive cards like the LUIS (Language Understanding) bot that is used in building AI powered customer service agents

Imaginea director of engineering who led the effort, Vasanthakumar S, says his team closely watched other native renderers and were ahead in implementation time and capability. “The Adaptive Cards effort is our way of showing our commitment to the developer community and ultimately value such developments bring to customers.”

Maintained by Imaginea, React Native Adaptive Card was officially released at the Microsoft Build conference in May 2019 and the team was cited for their contribution during a session on the next version of Adaptive Cards, “We’re pleased to see Imaginea’s commitment to the Microsoft Adaptive Cards project and to recognize them as the first external non-Microsoft contributors that we added into our GitHub repo with write access,” said Matt Hidinger, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.

Imaginea CRO Suresh Babu says, “Our engineers filled out the gap in Adaptive Cards’ presence in the cross-platform development by implementing the renderer in React Native.”

Card based design is gaining popularity, not just among consumer apps, like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, but also with professional and communication platforms like the fast growing Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook. However, designing and sharing card content across multiple platforms is still difficult.

Adaptive Card is an open source framework with renderers for multiple platforms. It has a React Native renderer, that makes it easier for the developer community to design, develop, and share card content across heterogeneous platforms. This open framework also has the ability to account for dynamic customizations and changes in the card structure, without any downtime.

About Imaginea

Imaginea Technologies Inc. is a product development and enterprise innovation services company based out of Silicon Valley with over 200 global customers across the US, Europe and India. They bring a unique product thinking mindset derived from building world-class products, to help customers digitally transform their businesses using their engineering and modern platform capabilities. With a talented team of 1200+ engineers, they hold valuable expertise in digital transformation partnering with enterprises across the globe. Imaginea is a portfolio company of Pramati Technologies (est.1998), a privately held software company that builds independent technology businesses focused on profitable, well-defined markets in digital, social, mobile, and cloud computing.

About Pramati Technologies

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